Dr Rowlands is highly experienced in managing unplanned pregnancies, having over 20 years of clinical experience in both medical and surgical termination of pregnancy, receiving his initial training in the UK.
Dr Rowlands is one of only a few Specialist Gynaecologists performing surgical terminations in Perth.

Following referral from your GP or specialist, Dr Rowlands will consult with you in his private practice. This visit is confidential and a specific time and date will be allocated upon referral. A detailed medical and clinical examination, followed by appropriate investigations including ultrasound scan, blood group, cervical cytology and STI screening will be performed in the rooms, if not already undertaken by your referring GP.

Choices will then be discussed, including either a medical or surgical termination of pregnancy. If you require further time to make your final decision, a review appointment will be scheduled. I will also refer to a specific counsellor, should you wish.

Medical terminations can be carried out for women up to 9 weeks. The first stage involves a tablet being swallowed whilst in clinic, followed by a further 4 tablets 24-36 hours later in the privacy of your own home.

Surgical terminations will be carried out in hospital under ‘twilight’ anaesthesia with a Consultant Anaesthetist. All procedures are performed under ultrasound guidance and only soft flexible instruments are used for early terminations. Dr Rowlands personalised technique is extremely safe, with minimal pain and bleeding post op. Patients are discharged home within 1-2 hours after Dr Rowlands has personally reviewed you.

Dr Rowlands reviews all patients 2-4 weeks post procedure, addressing issues such as contraceptive options, together with results of investigations, in his private rooms.

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